Christoph Staudenmann was born on May 10, 1969 in Biel (Switzerland).

He is best known for his work with Kolsimcha, Brink Man Ship, Percuscope and Tranceactivity. Tours have taken him across Europe, to Hong Kong, Thailand, Georgia, Cuba, Jamaica, Canada, Brazil, Iceland…

He has played in various formations with musicians such as Jochen Bohnes, Jan Galega Brönnimann, Roberto Bosshard, Marco Figini, Markus Fischer, George Gruntz, Harald Härter, Kaspar Ewald’s Exorbitantes Kabinett, Hans Koch, Herbie Kopf, Willi Kotoun, Nils Petter Molvaer, Markus Moser, New Point, Hanspeter Pfammatter, Tomas Sauter, Vocal Contact Plus, Roland von Flüe, Beat Wenger, …

He completed his training with teachers such as Norbert Pfammatter, Billie Brooks, Andy Brugger, Marc Halbheer and Pierre Favre. In 1997, he graduated with honors from the Lucerne Jazz School.

He shares his knowledge as a drum teacher at the Biel music school.


George Hennig : Hillside (2020)

Kolsimcha : The Music from Tevye (2016)

Kolsimcha & London Symphony Orchestra (2013)

Kolsimcha : Das Geisterschiff (2012)

Brink Man Ship : Instant Replay (2011)

Brink Man Ship : willisau (feat. Nils Petter Molvaer) (2008)

Brink Man Ship : The right place to be lost (feat. Eivind Aarset) (2005)

Brink Man Ship : elefant & castle (2003)

Christoph Staudenmann : Timecodes (2003)

Tomas Sauter Tranceactivity : flora (2002)

M2/5 : Raices (2002)

Brink Man Ship : Translusion (2000)

Tomas Sauter Tranceactivity : Fluo (1999)

Brink Man Ship : Logbook (1999)

M2/5 : Delirium (1999)

M2/4 : Promotion (1998)

Slimbone and the Bonecrushers (1997)

Call the Rag (Studioprojekt) (1997)

Keep Cool (Soundtrack) (1995)

New Point : Monkey Forest (1992)